About us,


In 1996, I moved to the Alaska with Gal One and Baby Girl One, to teach woodworking to the local population of high school students. I did my student teaching with Original Guy; and then, took his job (he retired). After all the students that I have had in wood shop, I still love working with wood. I taught school in Barrow, Alaska located above far above Arctic Circle. When I stepped out of my house, there was not a tree in sight for 800 miles (hence the "no wood" part of our title).

2009, brought changes.  Original Guy, left our hearts heavy when Melanoma took him. Gal Three retired, she and Guy Three headed to the Peninsula, and Guy Two headed to Colorado.   Baby Girl graduated from high school, it was time for a change.  We packed up our Barrow home, said goodbye to an amazing community, and settled around our “Barrow Family” in Soldotna, Alaska. Threeguysnowood.com became more of a reality in October when a log cabin sitting right on the Sterling Highway, became the “Gallery” and our wood-shop.  Guy/Gal Two and Gal One/I developed the plan to have a wood-turning school on the Kenai Peninsula. Again, our world changed and April 2010 Gal Two left our hearts heavy, Colon Cancer.   The wood-turning school and Gallery opened for business May 2010. 

I am the carpenter in the mix.   The things that I turn usually end up being very large or very odd. My thinking is the bigger the better, but I have an elegant side of me as well. In the last couple of years I have started turning bottles. Now, you might be saying to yourself "bottles?" "What on earth does he mean?" I take a glass bottle cover it with wood, and then turn it on the wood lathe. Have you stopped by our store?  Our big, “Jack Daniels” bottle one the Alaska State Fair in Palmer in 2011!


Let me say something about the other Guys,


Guy Two was in  Alaska for over 25  years. He is a very smart scientist, or at least he thinks he is. Guy Two started tuning wood about 20 -years-ago after attending a class on wood turning in Provo, Utah and he turned wood at the Barrow High School Wood Shop in the evenings with the Original Guy, before I took the job. Guy Two turns thin stem goblets, boxes, and world class bowls (at least that’s what we tell him). You will never meet a man with a bigger heart.

Guy Three. Now this is an interesting fellow, retired from being a wood shop teacher after 20 years in Oregon and Lower Alaska (Hooper Bay);  he met Gal Three who was not ready to retire. She still needed eight more years. Guy Three told Gal Three he did not care where they went, as long as he could build a house; but, when that job came to be, it was in Barrow, Alaska - 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle, not a place to build a house.

Guy Three is very good at making "glue ups" AKA "segmented creations." He has the talent for envisioning the final piece before he makes the first cut. Guy Three has taught all of us a pleathora of woodworking tricks. He is also an expert potter capable of throwing pots over 14 inches high.

I hope that you enjoy this web-site, and our new home on the 100th mile marker of the Sterling Highway in Soldotna, Alaska!

Paul Johnson
Guy One